Task Help

Adding tasks

Add a task by simply typing your task into the main task box. Then click Submit.

Categories & Tags

Because tasks usually fit into more than one category we just use tags for everything. To add a tag put tag:shopping or tag:london.

A quick way to tag items is to use a hash, so #shopping and #london work in the same way but are faster to type.

The tag button in the task toolbar simply adds a # symbol to your task.

A task can have as many tags as you wish.


A due date can be added to a task by typing due:today or due:this-week. Dates in the format dd/mm/yyyy are also accepted so due:01/08/2010 will also work.

Currently all dates must be formatted in the UK standard, please contact us via our feedback form to use the US date format.


It is sometimes useful to prioritise your tasks.

To add a priority simply add the text priority:low, priority:medium or priority:high to your task,

As with tags, there is also a quick way to add priorities. Simply start your task with either *, ** or ***.


To add notes to your tasks, just press enter twice. TodoRobot recognises the double line break as the start of the notes area.

By default, notes are hidden but can be toggled by clicking the notes icon on the right of the task.

Search Help


TodoRobot allows you to search your tasks in many ways

You can search using keywords as normal. Additionally you can search for tasks with specific tags, priorities and due dates.

A basic example would be to search for cheese, which would return all tasks with cheese in the text.

Next, we might search for tagged:shopping priority:high which would return all urgent items on your shopping list.

Secondly, searching for priority:high due:today will return the urgent tasks which need to be deon in the next 24 hours.


Once a list has been created, it will stay in your sidebar.

Visit the manage lists link at the bottom of the sidebar to edit your lists, rename them, re-order and delete.